The Normand de Mezy: Touristic Destination

The real name of Bois-Caiman is the Normand de Mezy. On the dwelling the Norman de Mezy at the red dome in the commune of the plain of the North.

“Bois-Caiman, historic high place, where took place in the night of 14 to 15 August 1791, the first gathering, which was going to give rise to the general uprising of slaves.

“Bois-Caiman is a high historical and cultural place”, Also it is a place of memory in the history of the liberation of the slaves.

The ceremony of Bois-Caiman was a meeting of slaves chestnuts, the night of August 14 to 15 is considered in Haiti as the founding act of the revolution and the war of independence. It was the first major collective uprising in Haiti against slavery.

In August 1791, Dutty Boukman, slave and houngan (priest of the voodoo religion), organized a political and religious ceremony at the Bois-Caiman.

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